• Feeling Completely Frustrated With Your Sugar Baby Profile? Wondering Whether There Really Are ANY “Generous Wealthy Sugar Daddy’s” Online?

  • You created a profile on the dating website in hopes to find someone but…


    You’re not sure why your profile is failing to attract potential Sugar daddies and where exactly it is missing the mark…

    • Your conversations never ends up in a date where you can create an impression you desire on the Sugar Daddy.
    • You’re not sure how men think of you when they see your profile and what image you create through your words.
    • You see other Sugar Baby’s attracting desirable Sugar Daddies overnight but you don’t know how.
    • You’re tired of looking at other Sugar Baby profiles to get help for writing yours. You’ve perhaps even committed the mistake of copying and pasting from them with no clue how to write profiles that attract attention.

    Maybe you are getting responses but they are nowhere close to what you wanted…

    • You keep getting contacted by men who are NOTHING like the kind of person your profile says you’re looking for.
    • Men keep sending you “cut and paste” emails (many of which make it clear the guy never even read your profile).
    • You keep attracting men who are just looking to “hook-up."
    • You feel like every single creep, scammer, pervert, idiot and jerk somehow can’t get enough of contacting you!

    No wonder you’re frustrated.

  • No luck online to finally meeting my sugar daddy…

    "I am truly still in shock over how quickly and how fast my dating life turned around the first day my new profile went up that Taylor wrote for me. I went from having no luck online to finally meeting my sugar daddy. If I hadn’t, I never would have met my sugar daddy. My only regret is that I waited so long to do this!" Sonya

  • What if your profile was so enticing that generous Sugar Daddies contacted you, asked you for dates and made all the efforts to hear your ‘yes’?


    You'll stand out from all of those other Sugar Baby’s dating profiles.

    • You'll capture his attention and interest right from the first sentence and hold it as he devours every last word.
    • You'll cause him to visualize having fun with you, so he'll feel compelled to meet you in real life as soon as possible.
    • You'll watch your new profile as it turns the tables, and even get Sugar Daddy’s pursuing you! I get you results like Sugar-Daddy-On-Demand by showing you how to use it.


    Contrary to what you’ve been told, patience is not a virtue if the profile that you have is not a winner and misses the emotional and persuasion mark.


    I can help you create exactly the profile you need, that attracts naturally and does all the marketing for you


    As a Sugar Baby Coach, online dating is a big reason why people take up my services. I help not just women but also men find their right match. I teach Sugar Babies to quit overwhelm, stop writing themselves off, and start doing things that actually make a difference in their life.


    An online dating profile that attracts the right Sugar Daddies all by itself is the single biggest differentiator between Sugar Babies who make it and those who keep waiting all their life.


    Having coached men, I am in a position to give you the UNFAIR advantage you need, by giving you insights about how men think and why. The difference between what you create and what I create for you can easily be worth thousands of dollars, in allowance and in lifestyle upgrade.


    My focus is on doing things that get results and my suggested profile for you will not just bring out your personality in the best possible way but also leave an impression in the mind of Sugar Daddies to want to get to know you more. That’s the reason why I took hundreds of women who were frustrated and close to giving up to being part of the Elite Sugar Baby Club that enjoys the good part of this lifestyle.


    If you want to quit shooting arrows in the dark and stop throwing a pity party for yourself, then my Profile Writing Services are exactly meant for you.

  • In just a few days Taylor changed everything

    "I was online dating site for almost a year. I was getting sugar daddies to write me but it was all the wrong ones. Taylor took made some minor changes that I would have never thought of and all of the sudden, I had a whole different type of men contacting me. It’s crazy that I spent all those months on a dating site and in just a few days Taylor changed everything." Elizabeth

  • Here’s why you need me to sprinkle my sugar magic on your profile:

    Most men will NEVER read your profile unless it is written in a “Sugar Daddy friendly way" that pulls him in. Remember he’s not looking for what you think he is.


    Profiles that shout out loud about ‘what you want’, ‘your desires’ and the other "me-focus pitches" are not cut out to catch your man’s attention. Yes, they may actually be attracting the exact opposite kind of man you are searching for.


    95% of Sugar Baby's put the WRONG pictures up on their profile… many are not only wrong but will actually REPEL the very men you want to attract (there’s one type of picture will turn men off EVERY TIME!)


    Your profile headline is important, but not nearly as important as the opening and closing lines of your profile. There’s one powerful technique to open and close your profile in a way that gets him clicking.

  • Changed my entire sugar daddy dating life

    "I wanted to attract a wealthy man on a traditional dating site. I had setup a consult with Taylor on writing my profile to attract him. The profile she wrote changed my entire sugar daddy dating life. Not only did I have a huge increase in men, but the quality of men who contacted me got unbelievably better. I went out with a guy I met online, and had by far the best date I’ve ever been on!" Angie

  • Join the ranks of elite Sugar Babies who have a profile that’s authentic and does all the work for them.

    Your brand new profile, sculpted by me will help you with:

    • Avoiding Sugar Traps that makes you appear like money hungry gold-digger or even worse as an escort that will cause you to go un-noticed by quality Sugar Daddy’s.
    • Creating a strong hook from the headline of the profile to the very last word.
    • Creating an “About Me” that tells your story in such a way that it stops Sugar Daddy’s in their tracks wanting to engage with you (I’ll help your potential Sugar Daddy ‘see’ what it feels like to be with you instead of just being told.)
    • Properly structuring your profile into sections that will keep the flow strong.
    • Providing a conversational feel & the feeling of a 1-on-1 experience, making your potential feel as though he is the ONE.
    • Infusing “Sugar Daddy Bait” within “the one you are seeking” section and create quality messages that makes him feel as though you are reading his mind.
    • Get your ideal Sugar Daddies to not leave without taking the action you want.


    I’ll inject your profile ad with psychological triggers and powerful techniques that have been tested, proven, and retested…

  • My dating life went from no dates to going on dates almost overnight

    "I was getting messages with my profile, but no responses afterwards when I would respond back. I had no idea how men thought, and when you coached me through that consult it was an eye opener. Taylor looked over what I was sending and she rewrote my messages and helped with my conversations with pots. But it’s the way she wrote them. It was like night and day. Now I have a guide to follow and it’s working. My dating life went from no dates to going on dates almost overnight." Bianca

  • But that's only half of the equation...


    Once you have the right profile that will attract the kind of men you want … how do know which ones they are?


    How do you distinguish the “REAL Sugar Daddy's” from the “FAKE Sugar Daddy's?”


    And how do you move the conversation to the date, and into the arrangement you want?


    Let's spend some time together and I'll show you how you can do this without all the headaches, let-downs and frustrations you’ve come to know in your Sugar Baby experience.


    Do you want to blend in with the hordes of other Sugar Babies, or become the type of Sugar Baby that other Sugar Daddy’s feel a need to interact with when they come across your profile because they want to know more?


    A subscription on the most popular dating website does not guarantee that you’ll have success in attracting a wealthy and generous Sugar Daddy


    Think about this for a moment: Why did you purchase a Sugar Daddy dating site subscription knowing that there are way too many Sugar Babies out there, and that it's very competitive? (And if you are not paying for one, you are paying with your time) ... Keep in mind that this lifestyle is not as glittery and shiny as the dating sites make it appear to be till you find the right man.


    You did it because you were aware of the opportunity that it brings. But what's the point of hustling on the dating website without a strong profile in your arsenal that will help you win the game?


    You know a profile done right can change the way your current situation looks. It can turn the tables for you and attract the right men even if you've been trying your luck for years with no results to show for it.


    It’s time to give yourself the privilege of knowing what it feels like to have an attractive profile in the competitive space, that works like magic for your Sugar Baby lifestyle.

  • For the Sugar Baby who wants to spend less time online and more time living the lifestyle

    Choose your profile game changer. You’ve got options!

    Full Sugar Baby Profile Makeover. From the Headline to the Last Word. You get it ALL!

    • One Sugar Baby Profile Makeover Questionnaire to refine your profile and unlock your Sugar Baby Allure to capture your one-of-a-kind voice, tone, and how you are wanting to be portrayed.
    • Two Irresistible Headlines that Make a Sugar Daddy Click.
    • ONE Artfully CRAFTED About Section that tells a story that will make your Sugar Daddies fall in love with you (we will craft your “About Me” Section that tells your story in such a way that stop Sugar Daddy’s in their tracks wanting to engage with you - gives your prospects a taste of the real you, as opposed to simply telling who you are).
    • ONE SEDUCTIVE SEEKING Section that makes your potential feel as though he is the ONE. Infusing “Sugar Daddy Bait” within “the one you are seeking” section to entice quality messages and making him feel as though you are reading his mind and the only one for him.
    • Any Profile Revisions You Want Me To Make. If you see something you’d like to tweak or add here and there, I’ll make those revisions for you. We’ll work at it until it’s just right. Plus, this isn’t about me or you. It’s REALLY about your potential Sugar Daddy and what will speak most strongly to him.


    BONUS ONE: You will receive a FREE Photo review. I will also personally select the photographs you will put on your online profile, so you will accurately communicate the right perception you are wanting to portray to tell the perfect visual story. This will combine for the ultimate 1-2 Sugar Punch when Sugar Daddy’s view your profile.


    BONUS TWO: Get Access to my Sugar Baby Profile Cheat Sheet filled with critical Sugar Baby Advice to gain MORE traction on a Sugar Daddy dating site.




    *Includes everything in the Money Maker (Sugar Baby Jumpstart), Plus One 30-minute Sugar Baby Coaching Call (Value $99) and pick my brain on all things profile. Profile issues – Begone!




  • READY to be my NEXT Sugar Baby Success?

    Once you choose your profile game changer, I’ll send you your Sugar Baby Profile Questionnaire.


    Your answers will be my guidepost for the tone, style, feelings and voice that represent the authentic you.


    Within 7 Business days you’ll receive a complete makeover of your profile. I must clarify that since I personally work on all the profile makeovers, these 7 days may get extended to a maximum of 2 weeks, depending on how long the queue is. No, it never goes beyond 2 weeks.


    Want your profile sooner (as soon as the next day)? No problem, just select that option at the checkout and I’ll prioritize your profile over others.


    Your privacy is IMPORTANT, and will be handled as such. To ensure your privacy the purchase details will reflect R&D Global, Inc on your billing statement. All personal information you submit will be kept in the strictest confidence, and I'll keep it that way.


    I'll also keep your profile in my digital profile Rolodex, and if I find you to be a potential match with my Elite Sugar Daddy Clients, I'll make an introduction.


    Won’t you love it if you:

    • Have someone who wants to spend on you lavishly as the worthy woman you are in the company of a Rich Man.
    • Enter into a special relationship that fits your needs and satisfies the reasons why you are here.

    If you want to have a profile on the dating website that makes your potential Sugar Daddy say ‘You’re perfect for me. Exactly the kinda woman I wanted. I wonder where you were all this while!’


    As you think to yourself, ‘Right here but with the wrong profile.’


    Then it’s time to give yourself the privilege of knowing what it feels like to have an attractive profile in the competitive space, that works like magic for your Sugar Baby lifestyle.

  • Your process has been SO eye opening

    "I married young and have spent most of my life trying to please my husband. Now I’m divorced, and your process has been SO eye opening. I made a profile and now have been contacted by over 100 men. UN. FREAKING. BELIEVABLE! I tell you all this to say that I can see how your system is possible, even for someone like me who is FOR SURE not a supermodel." Paula

  • I just wouldn’t have been able to write it like this myself

    "I never would have thought to write a profile like this myself, so descriptive and fascinating, says a lot without giving actual details. Paints an intriguing picture. This definitely makes me seem very interesting and will have many curious to find out if I can live up to such a description, even myself! But what a great description to live up to. It’s all true, I just wouldn’t have been able to write it like this myself. And I call myself a writer… I am so impressed, and grateful, you have done a brilliant job! Honestly, I’ve been trying to appear approachable to everyone, but this description will actually attract the kind of person I would love to know and spend time with." Lisa